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24/7 Realmedia Online Advertising,

Ad-Network Company – open for Publishers and Advertisers work with benefits, competitive advantage, technology, marketing solutions, quality brands, top marketing strategy, digital Ad form.

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Advantage in Real Media Ad-Network,

    • 24/7 Client technical support
    • 100% active support for Publishers and Advertisers,
    • They operate and created around 18 years since 1995 in online industry.
    • Fully Integrated ad serving on any device across any platform – display, mobile, video – while keeping control of advertising in your environment.
    • Direct advertiser representation, premium sponsorships, along with real-time bidding cpc, cpm, cpi, for remnant inventory.
    • Direct representation to advertisers, premium sponsorships, automated real-time bidding in all highest value first basis.

Monetize Publisher Revenue Benefits ,
RealMedia Ad-Network Offer CPM, CPC, CPI, Cost Per Impression, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Index.

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  • Increased revenue
    • 24/7 is a top network spender
    • High payout rates
  • Access to brand advertisers
    • Agencies and direct advertisers
    • Strong relationships among agencies, including WPP
  • Control of advertising
    • Advertiser preview and exclusion options
    • Nonexclusive relationship with 24/7
  • Operational efficiency
    • Full ad sales and operations support
    • Superior proprietary technology platform
  • Reporting and analysis
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Flexible, customizable reporting
  • Service and support
    • Ad sales: 24/7 interacts with agencies and advertisers daily
      across the globe.
    • Ad operations: 24/7 books campaigns, executes
      targeting and media placements, and optimizes for
      best results.
    • Affiliate relations: 24/7 creates taxonomy and ad tags,
      supplies daily reporting and provides customer service
      and tech support.

  • Quality assurance
    • 24/7 has rigorous standards and policies, and operates in accordance with industry standards and best practices.


    • Fastest growing Top 8 network in the past year*
    • Approaching a 60% growth rate
    • Reaching 142 million unique viewers per month
    • 2,000-plus diverse Web sites
    • Covering about 75% of U.S. traffic

24/7 RealMedia Network Details
Commission Type:CPM , CPC , CPI , VIDEO , RICH MEDIA,
Minimum Payment:$ 50
Payment Frequency: Net 45
Payment Method:Check, Bank Transfer
Country: New York
Contact:Telephone: 212-231-7100:
Join: 24/7

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